Mar 13, 2008

as the passing wind

One, of the many, great joys in my life is searching out and listening to music. My most recent obsession is with a band called Black Mountain and their recent release "In the Future". Their music is heavy, and beautiful, and as I read it described in  Under the Radar, new and inventive as well as warm and nostalgic (that is not a direct quote, but my interpretation of it). I have heard them compared to Black Sabbath, and I can see the comparison. As sure as the wind will blow, next week, tomorrow, or in five minutes my obsession will change, beware.

I also had a chance recently to spend some time with a band that I have liked, but not listened to much. The band is the Jesus & Mary Chain and in particular their album Stoned & Dethroned. Hope Sandoval, previously of Mazzy Star, lends her vocals to a couple of tracks. Take a listen, good stuff.

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