Mar 26, 2008

the ravonettes

hello, and welcome to wednesday, these are The Ravonettes. This Danish duo now resides in NYC and takes a heavy influence from their friends of the same city, The Velvet Underground. They also have comparisons to the Jesus & Mary Chain (both of the afore mentioned are some of my FAVORITES) with feed-back drenched guitars and a rediculous amount of revberb...but hey, if you like that reverb sound, can you ever really have too much! The vocal melodies are straight out of the early '60s with the soaring sounds of Phil Spector and his Girl Groups. Sune Rose Wagner of the Ravonettes understands the value of not overplaying, so when he does its this great and creepy spagetti western sound, matched with Sharin Foo's dead pan vocals makes for an awesome match. They produce a very minimalistic sound, and I have heard that their first EP was written only using 3 chords and all in b minor... and their second with 3 chords and all in b major. They have branched out on this album LUST, LUST, LUST but still have that underlying vibe. Check out their song "Aly Walk with Me" from the David Letterman show.

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