Mar 20, 2008

TOP 10 (or so) of 2007

I was incredibly inspired by the music of 2007. I know I am a little late on this BUT these are my top 10, or so, of 2007...and a couple of honorable mentions.

1} Panda Bear-Person Pitch
absolutely beautiful and perfect for intense listening or soft in the background. I prefer extremely LOUD
2} Band of Horses-Cease to Begin
what can I say they are everywhere. this is the first album of theirs that I really got into. i love the line about the wheelbarrow...i borrowed.
3} White Stripes-Icky Thump
I am a HUGE fan of Jack White. He is incredibly tasteful, and his guitar tones are amazing. CONQUEST was my battle cry of the summer, Thanks Jack 
4} Bat for Lashes-Fur & Gold
it took me a couple of intense listens to start really appreciating this album, but now it is one of my favorites. there is a warmness in Natasha Kahn's voice that is indescribable, and she creates such creepy but child like magical places with the lyrics and sounds, it is easy to get lost in her world. check out this video of "what's a girl to do" beautiful.
5} Animal Collective-Strawberry Jam
beautifully crafted, this one makes me want to dance. ask me sometime and I will show you my "fireworks" moves!
6} Peter Bjorn & John-Writers Block
so PB&J had the instant, commercial hit with "young folks" but the entire album is a keeper. my favorite is "start to melt," a beautiful dreamy tune with pop sensibility.
7} Kings of Leon-Because of the Times
the first track on this album, "knocked up" just got me, the groove is infectious! Caleb Followill's phrasing and inflection, especially on "knocked up" with bay-beee, makes me smile. Other songs make me wonder "what the **** is he saying!?". What can I say, I am a sucker for southern rock!
8} Iron & Wine-The Shepherd's Dog
this one is a slightly more up-tempo album for Sam Bush. I like to think that is is some left over from working with Calexico in 2005 on "in the reigns". 
9} Liars-Liars
experimental psychedelia, my favorite track is sailing to byzantium. check it out!
10} M.I.A.-Kala
her border-crossing dance pot is a revolutionary manifesto set to the victory-party vibe of the future--p.s. i stole that quote!

honorable mentions
Grizzly Bear-Friend EP
The Black Kids-Wizzard of Ahhhs
Dinosaur Jr-Beyond
Midlake-Van Ocupanther
Dungen-Tio Bitar
Jose Gonzales-In Our Nature

HILARIOUS...a must listen!
Patton Oswolt-Werewolves & Lollipops

...and one that was probably released in 2006, but I just had an opportunity to spend some time with it and I absolutely love...
Dark Meat-Universal Indians

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