Jun 24, 2008

birthday surprise

This last weekend I planned a surprise trip for Kyle's 32nd B-day. He knew that we were going somewhere, but did not know the geographical location of our destination. THIS is how he found out...

I never drive, but since I wanted it to be a surprise to where we were going, I took the wheel. When we would come up on signs, Kyle would turn his head, and would even  go as far as to blind-fold himself while traveling thru towns. We were about 4.5 hours into our 6 hour trip, between Brady and Llano, before I thought to look down at the gas gauge. For those of you who do not know the area, there is about 50 miles of absolutely NOTHING between Brady and Llano besides the beautiful hill country and 4 very small towns Voca, Fredonia, Pontotoc and Valley Spring of which NONE have a gas station. We were somewhere between Fredonia and Pontotoc when I figured out that we could possibly have a problem. We made it as far as Valley Springs and I knew that we were running on fumes and would not make it to Llano. This is when I started to get worried. Kyle luckily noticed a farmer out by his barn as soon as we entered the town and I pulled over, rolled my window down, and in the sweetest voice I could muster said "Sir, how far is it to the next gas station?" With a chuckle he said, "About 12 miles to Llano... you gonna make it?" "I don't think so," I whispered, and with that he motion me into his drive "I think I might have some gas in a can around here somewhere." So we pulled in. Now at this point Kyle still had absolutely no clue of our final destination. As our new friend walked toward us with his gas can he said, "Where you kids headed, Austin?" I smiled, gave Kyle a wink, and confirmed our final destination, "Yes, Sir".

We had a great time, it was hard to leave. I will have some pics from the weekend up later this week. here is a sneak peak!


Sarah Holt said...

Oh girl you were so close to us! Looks like you had a great time. Happy Birthday Kyle! Yeah new car, and I can't believe how big your garden grew!!!

Sarah Holt said...

oh and I LOVE your title bar on this blog!