Jun 3, 2008

we have a PERGOLA...

...and what you ask is a pergola....THIS is a pergola! Kyle did an awesome job, I helped a little too, mostly bossing. Of course we picked the hottest weekend yet to spend 2 whole days outside. Both Sat and Sun were over 100 degrees!, but we survived.
I can not believe how good/green our yard is. We have not watered, not once! The yellow area by the deck is where we are going to plant some different low water plants, so we are trying to kill the grass there. 

...and this is bear in underwear

Brandi: I sure do take a lot of pictures of the animals. Kyle: well they are so dang cute!

cotton LOVES the grass!

I am not really sure what this plant is. I am guessing it is some kind of weed, because we did not plant it, and it grows very fast! But none the less, it lives here in our back yard by the sunflowers...and the cool think is, that it blooms at night! FUN!

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