Aug 1, 2008

macro, Mac-ROW

I bought a cheap lens kit (30-40 dollars) on ebay before the trip to San Francisco, and while I have throughly enjoyed the wide angle/fisheye portion of the kit (and find it hard to re-mount my standard lens) I have not really explored the
macro element. While this is hardly a showing of what I think it can do, and, like always, if I would have taken the time to get out the tripod, the focus could have been a little crisper, BUT-I think that they are fun any how. So, a little showing from my back yard in exotic Lubbock Texas.


Sarah Holt said...

You got a yucca?! What is the twisted little plant with little yellow buggy looking things on the stem? These are great photos. Oh to have earth to plant in again!

Sarah Holt said...

What all did you get with your TG win? Did you plant these in the front yard?