Sep 18, 2008

Goin' out west

In less than a month sweet baby K and I will be taking a road trip out west for 12 days! I can hardly contain my excitement. We have been thinking about this journey since May (around the time our economic stimulus checks arrived, coincidence... i think not). Our loose plans are to make it to California and back. We would like to spend a little time in Southern Utah maybe Zion then head Southwest to Joshua Tree by way of Las Vegas and end up around Orange County, California where Kyle has an old friend, Kenny Howes that he has not seen in awhile. Eventually we will meander home. My question the mass quantities of readers of this blog (really more like 3 people, hi mom) is this.... Do you know of anything cool between here and there that we must do? Anywhere you or someone you know has been and had one of those "you just got to see this for yourself" moments? Remember the weirder/quirkier the better. respectively.

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Janet said...

You should contact Amy Salley about this. She's a kooky USA-road-trip-siteseeing guru. Really.

I'll give her your email if you don't have it.

(I am late reading all your old blog entries, so maybe you've already made plans and my advice is too late. Wah.)