Sep 26, 2008

i did a bad thing... but it was so good

So I live 99.9% of my life as a good vegetarian, on the contrary... the fair comes around but once a year, and there are some things in life you just gotta do, for me, having a corndog at the fair is one of them.
For the record books, it was awesome, as far as fried masses, claiming to be food, that probably have absolutely no nutritional value go... and yes it make me sick, BUT, do I regret it?... no way! Here's the proof. Oh, and Kyle had one too, we didn't even share!

So last night the South Plains Fair was right here in Lubbock TX, and this weekend we are haulin' it down to DFW to make the Texas State Fair (and see Neko Case who is NOT performing at the fair). I actually remembered to take my camera out last night, and I plan on taking a ba-gillion pics at the state fair... so they will be coming. In the mean time here is a little South Plain preview:

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Sarah Holt said...

AAAmmmm..... Actually that looks real good. Nothing better that a corn dog from the fair.