Sep 8, 2008

in awe of illustrators, i am...

...Probably because I am not a master of the skill (yet, ha). This weekend, while spending some time at Barnes & Noble searching for the off-beat publications hidden at the back of the displays, I found SWINDLE, and was introduced to the art of Amanda Visell.

Her images seem childlike and whimsical at first glance but after looking closer they are frank, dark, and humorous, full of smiling characters unaware they are in grave danger, or responding to the bleak situation before them with simply a frown. You can find the entire article
There was also an incredibly interesting article about Betty Boob and how she has become an unlikely icon of the Latino community of East LA. Find it

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Sarah Holt said...

hey, check out my friend Nathan. If you ever need a local illustrator and don't want to do it yourself... I think he is really good.