Sep 16, 2008

jenny lewis & puppet music hall

In anticipation of Jenny Lewis' (Rilo Kiley's songstress) sophomore release, Acid Tongue, I though I would post this video from Steve Paul's Puppet Music Hall. I have heard only one track from the album, seeing as it's not set to release until Sept 23, so I am not making any predictions on the quality of the album... BUT if it is anything like Jenny's first album, Rabbit Fur Coat (which actually was released as, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins) it is sure to be a success. I thoroughly enjoyed Rabbit Fur Coat and listened to the album from front to back many, many times.

If you have a chance check out Steve site for other videos that features an assortment of singer-songwriters and visual artists performing with EDGAR the puppet including (but not limited to) Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and a duo with Devendra Banhart. So, this is Jenny and Jonathan Rice performing Happy, off the beautifully crafted, Rabbit Fur Coat album.

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