Sep 10, 2008

santa fe and the chama

On labor day weekend Kyle and I joined our friend and native Santa Fe'an Kate for a 2 day raft trip down the Chama River. It was a blast, a cold blast... but a blast! The terrain of the Chama is a perfect mix of New Mexico mountains sprinkled with the beginnings of Utha's rock formations. I would have some beautiful images to show BUT I was strongly encouraged NOT to take my camera down the river, good thing considering that we were wet for 2 days. These are a couple of pictures from Kate's waterproof camera of our raft, the party barge, and our Co-Captians Kate and Zohn.

Kate's parents welcomed us into their home in Santa Fe and fed us full of lots of green chili on friday night before the river and then again on Sunday night after the river. I totally fell in love with their yard. I am a sucker for great outdoor spaces. They had so many crazy plants, and one of their water lilies bloomed while we were there! 

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