Sep 23, 2008

the take away shows

A photographer friend of mine, Matthewof1979, recently pointed my attention to this AWESOME site.
These are from a video podcast collection called THE TAKE AWAY SESSIONS.
I have not done the proper research to find out the whole story of where all this goodness comes from, but I do know that it is produced by Blogotheque, and this collection they invite a band to perform in the streets, park, bus, whatever (you get the idea) and catch all the quirky happenings caught during the performance. This one below is from a band I really like called the Low Lows. I was familiar with them when I lived in Georgia, they were calling Athens home at the time as well (they used to be called Parker & Lilly, and some other name that I don't remember) but they have since then relocated to Austin TX. This is my favorite song they do, dear flies, love spider.

This is a video I found on the same site (and there are more in this REM series). This video was filmed in Athens GA and from what I can tell, and in the scene where they are singing with the car headlights pointing at them in both directions... well that looks like to me a spot right off of cleveland rd., just a couple blocks from where I lived in Athens (and one of Cotton and my favorite walking spots) Jannygirl... if you see this, isn't this right behind your house? Anyway, makes me miss Athens a WHOLE BUNCH, although it doesn't take much for me to start missin' Athens

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Oh my god.

I love Vincent Moon's stuff (what little I've seen of it). He's a big friend/fan of The National, and I own the documentary he did of them! Cool.