Sep 12, 2008

this sucks

Last night as 8 inches of rain fell on Lubbock (the most rain Lubbock has EVER had in a 24 hour period, really), we decided to cancel our show in San Antonio because of Hurricane Ike (which had nothing to to with our rain here,that was hurricane Lowell). I hate that. I hate making decisions like that. Now it is clear and sun shinny, and we are not playing. Wrong Decision? Who knows... boo. Am I a cautionary woosie now with no sense of adventure? Maybe I am being a little harsh, BUT 8 inches was a lot of water! grrr

btw...this is Tech's Jones Stadium with a foot of water, should make for a fun game.

1 comment:

Sarah Holt said...

WOWOWOW. That field is crazy.

We didn't get any rain from the huricane, just a bit of wind, nothing really.

You have lots of post I need to catch up on.