Nov 21, 2008


announcemnt. and this is a big one.... I, me, Brandi P, am applying to grad school for fall 2009...woooo hoooo! this is something that I have dreamed about since sitting thru my undergrad commencement in 2002, and now, i think i'm ready. Although it means leaving my job, which I love, I am super super super excited about going back to school! yea. now, I just have to convince a design program to accept me, ha.

obsession. i am obsessed with Subway veggie wraps. period. there, I said it. It doesn't even bother me anymore that the ladies in the store I frequent start making my wrap before I even get to the counter. I mean really, how can you beat a fresh sandwich for less than 3 dollars...and 200 calories to boot! (no cheese) bring on the guilt free lunch!

confession. I hate cleaning. And, I am thinking of changing my christmas list. I want to scratch the turbo vacume cleaner I had originally asked for and in is place,  a digital camcorder... I mean it's cheaper, and way more fun. agreed? screw ever having a clean house, I mean I've lived in filth this long, and I seem to be ok... (btw, this is not my mothers fault, she is a excellent housecleaner... you could eat off her floors)

side note: the Diamond Center is beginning to record our second album this weekend, and I am extremely enthusiastic. Not only do we have material that I sincerely believe in, BUT Jana (my sis & our percussionist) will be on the recordings! Ill try to get a little video preview up soon.

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newhopegirl said...

Brandi, you can eat off your mother-in-laws floors also. But, it's because there is so much food on the floor! hahahahaha