Nov 2, 2008

halloween, keepin' it real

WOW! Lubbock was CRAZY this weekend due partially to the fact that it was halloween and there seemed to be a billion people in town. I think that anyone who has ever had any connection to Texas Tech was here this weekend, but not for celebrating Halloween, no sir that was just an added benefit, they were here for the Texas Tech vs Univ of Texas Game, which Tech won, I might add. While I am not usually much of a sports fan, I did watch about the last 5 min of the game, which I have to admit got me up and cheering!  Tech, which I believe was rated around no. 7, beet the no. 1 team in the nation, here in Lubbock, people were FREAKIN' OUT, and that's an understatement. We had some guests for the weekend Keri (cleopatra) and Jeff (caesar), and John and Kevin (the no costume fools). On Friday night (halloween) After checking out a couple of other parties we all ended up over at my sister, Jana's, and finished the night out with a bang... as you can see.  We had our point-and-shoot the entire night but for some reason it did not get busted out until we got to her house... who knows!

this is jeff, he loved wearing his dress like costume, and thinks that he is going to introduce it into his wardrobe.

These were the biggest most colorful crazy eyelashes I think that i have ever seen. It was very hard for anyone to talk to me without getting distracted.
Jana... who knows
keri... who knows

jana and keri... who knows

kate, the bad girl

john, in his non costume
most pretty man i saw all night!
we were, what I refer to as, universal indians, respectively
the ladies
price girls, jana was cracking me up. btw-I did her face painting

This has been our first weekend at home since mid-august and we took advantage of it with lots and lots of lounging around. Cotton clearly enjoyed it too!

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