Dec 4, 2008

the start of a long process

The original idea was to devote the ENTIRE weekend before Thanksgiving to the cause of recording but, it turned into Friday after work until about 5 in the morning (there was a little nap in there, and some lolly gaggin', ill explain later) and then Sat morning-ish till around 6pm, then... we took Sunday off! This whole process seems to take SO SO SO longgggggg. We have a good amount of work done, most of Jana's drum tracks, and a couple of other little things here and there, but, we still have the guitars and vocals for ALL the other songs, except one. 

We captured the vocals for the song we call Ohio, and it is a kinda of sparse and whispery, but dramatic song, that still rocks in places, respectively. So on Friday night K and I went to the record store and messed around, then had dinner, then went to the coffee shop... so by the time we got home we were "all jacked up" on conversation, sweet tea, and lattes. We managed to get the guitar tracks and then had to take a little breather to let the caffine seep out of our bodies, needless to say we fell asleep, and woke up around 2am... and it was at this point we decieded that this would be the preeminent time to capture the vocals, all gruff and crackly like we want them. We haven't listened back yet, i guess we will have to let our ears be the judge. Our diligence could end up being pure brilliance or a load of crap, could go either way really. 

We are returning to the "studio," a.k.a. our spare bedroom, this weekend to try and get some more work accomplished. We officially have 3 weekends to get this done. Our goal is to have it completed by the time we leave for christmas. Fingers are crossed!

Saturday night we took a break from recording and took our friend Kate out for sushi for her birthday, and had an awesome time. We were the only patrons in our favorite Lubbock place that's usually packed (probably had something to do with the Tech/OU game). Our sushi chef must have known it was a special night b/c she crafted a dog, penguin thing out of wasabi for us!


Sarah Holt said...

And the sushi looks like a caterpillar

erl said...

now i want sushi. i'm calling you guys tonight so hopefully our phone tag will finally come to an end.