Jan 19, 2009

i need to get out and shoot

I get this severe itch if it has been to long... and I have got it BAD. I can't even remember when the last time I went out exploring with the sole purpose of shooting. I love my day job, but it and the whole daylight-savings-time thing severely constrict my possible shooting hours. (& I refuse to use a flash... ha). I had planned on shooting this past weekend until I was stricken with a migraine for the majority of the day saturday, and exiled myself to our guests quarters for darkness and quiet. Oh well, maybe next weekend.... wow just saying that admits the monotony of life that drives me crazy! I need to relax, change will come, and possibly sooner that I know it.

These images up top are from Salton Sea, CA. You can see the entire series here. I plan to do something with them someday... hopefully.

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