Mar 27, 2009

plan B

I know this might be a little premature but I am already constructing my plan B, with Plan A being grad school, of course. I'm not thinking the worst, and I know the power of thinking good thoughts, and believe me I've already visioned myself sitting in college classes... I still think it's always good to have a Plan B.

I have been fantasizing about many scenarios. Maybe me and my boys could move to NYC, I've always wanted to live there, but without the prospect of some kind of way to generate cash, it's kinda scary, that and we just moved halfway across the country less than 2 years ago, and I don't know if i'm up for that big of a move again...yet.

We have thought about just straight up moving to Austin. We seem to like the place, and we have several friends there, but long past are the days that we, as full fledged, bill payin', grown-ups, are supposed to make decisions based purely on what our friends do. ( I guess )

We long considered that we could move in with my parents. They seem to like us, and they always enjoy company, but the vision of me and K sitting in their basement, sippin' on chocolate milk in our pj's, playing guitar hero, and tossing them a "high five" as they head off to work each morning... well, I think we might wear out our welcome with the speed of a festering cyst.

K has determined that Lubbock is intolerable and inhabitable, well, for us anyway. ( I know that seems a little dramatic... but just go with it for a moment) Despite that, we've already promised our house to my little brother for the fall. The truth is we are just ready for a change soooooo.... may I introduce my current apparition of Plan B.

I see this striped beauty every day when I break from work and take my afternoon stroll... and from the first time I saw it, I knew I was in LOVE. From what I can tell its a 1970's model Dodge X-plorer, van/camper, and I can already see my little family inhabiting it's quarters. The idea of living anywhere that we can drive to, and with the bobo's.... makes my little heart do backflips! The thought of traveling in a van that was built in the same decade as we were born, makes K nervous, and I should be the hesitant one. I, just finally, a year ago from next month, finished paying off a 15 passenger "band" van that didn't run for more than 2 weeks! ...and then there is THIS recent story of our Lubbock friends that made it to the New York Times! And then we still run into the "how are we going to make money" thing, for gas and all... don't worry, i'm already working on that....

Despite any detourance, someday I will get up enough courage to go and knock on the door and ask how much it's selling for and, if needed, Plan B will no longer be just a walking day dream.


Janet said...

I like your plan B! And I can't believe you were still paying for the van as recently as a year ago. Man, I'm sure you're happy that's over.

Plan C = back to Athens!

brandi p said...

Yeeeeaaaaa! Plan C!