Apr 3, 2009

Style Station/miss lindsey J...this one's for you!

The Style Station is one of the most amazing vintage clothing shops that I have been in. Period. What makes this place better than all the great finds are the 2 that run it, Art & Rebecca DeVitalis. I would not and could not do them justice by trying to describe the quirky couple but I will say this, Art likes to talk... mostly about Texas music & musicians, and Texas Politics, and if you take the time to listen to his stories, you will not be disappointed. He is great (small side note... he DOES love Neil Young even though he is not from Texas). Rebecca is sweet and soft spoken, and creates wonderful new pieces from vintage clothing... she usually rolls her eyes at some of the stories that Art tells. She is wonderful. If you ever find yourself if Texas, on I-35, around West, Texas (yes that's West, Texas not west Texas) between the exits 347 and 349, STOP at the Style Station! Here are some images from our time there: ohhhh... and he also LOVES musicians, and since we, the Diamond Center, were on our little mini-tour when we stopped thru, they gave us some Style Station Tees! sweet!

Here we have Mr. Alan Brown soaking in the conversation.
Art showing off his propaganda, that he also sells in the shop, to Kyle.

The Lady's work area... and sweet sewing machine

See the rest of the images HERE

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miss lindsey j said...

aw thank you!! LOVE IT! photos are beautiful

gonna definitely have to make a stop there on my next road trip!