Apr 10, 2009

THEY say a rolling stone gathers no moss....

but I don't think THIS is the stone THEY were referring to.

OK... now on with the news. I got accepted to the graphic design program at VCU! ... and check out it's creds: HERE & HERE

I am so super SUPER SUPER EXCITED (excited enough for capital letters even!) 

So in Mid-August me and my crew will be moving 1,680 miles to Richmond, Virginia.
does anyone know anything about Richmond?

btw... that image of Keith, I did not take... found it on orbitcast.com


miss lindsey j said...

congrats brandi! thats so HUGE and exciting!!! I would love to talk to u more about applying to grad school!

brandi p said...

Thanks Lindsey J! any time... any time, I will give you the low down!

paperlust said...

congratulations! how exciting! but... we're going to miss you!

erl said...

oh WOW. That's awesome!! Congrats! My sister went to school at University of Richmond, so I can have her give a few hints to the city if you guys need them. You'll be super close to DC, which will be awesome.


marcus battle said...

i swear, applying to grad school gives you an appreciation for songs you'd probably long forgotten (i'm thinking of "the waiting is the hardest part," tom petty). due to poor test scores and poor advising, it took me *three years* to get into grad school. i still remember getting that first acceptance letter and the accompanying excitement (unfortunately, i was headed to oxford, ohio!). as for richmond, the place flat out rocks! made some good friends while on tour over the years. LOTS of straight up DIY influenced distractions, one of THE best hardcore music scenes for 10 or 15 years, just fun. one of the last places in these parts where you can see what happens to a DIY scene when it grows up, gets a job, and still finds time to throw a house show every now and then.