Jun 16, 2009

home again...

After 17 days, 15 shows, 19 states crossed, 5400 miles driven and countless pizza slices consumed we are finally home! The tour was a success and we had a BLAST. K and I were so fortunate to be traveling and playing with such an awesome group of people who all play in numerous other projects but took  2 weeks to join us in the Diamond Center. Thank you so so so so so very much to Daniel Markham of One Wolf, Alan Brown of My Milliner and founder of 90% death sex, and Sound man/drummer extraordinaire, Tim Falen of Ghost Owl, and of course the lovely Kelly Garcia who was in charge of slingin' the merchandise, and helping me keep up the female presence... we couldn't have made it without each and every one of you. Our 3rd blog post is up over at The Lllano Idea, check it out! Sorry I am too lazy to do one here too! 

This series of images was taken by my man K outside of "Little Italy" in Athens ( which is one of our FAVORITE places) with Tim, Daniel, and two of my very best friends Kelli P and Ryan. It was such a treasure to have some time with their sweet baby hearts.


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