Oct 14, 2009

spaces around me

One of the best things about being in a new (or semi-new) places, are the yet to be explored spaces... and there are some great ones in this old city.

The back yard/common space of our apartment building shares a wall with the home that is said to be where Mr. Edgar Allen Poe had his last public reading of "The Raven"... so we are basically neighbors with the ghost of Poe, or something like that. The house seems to be going thru some type of renovation, and we did not think there was anyone living there, but now there might be, ANYWAY the back yard is filled with overgrown and unattended plants, which actually reminds me out of something from the old woman's house in "Great Expectations", there is also a green house that is a little run down as well, and several times the light has been left on in the green house and it casts some beautiful shadows into our backyard. A couple of nights ago I finally captured it.

SECOND SPACE: Kyle got a job repairing antique light fixtures, and the space he works is filled with wonderful things. Outside there is everything from old metal gliding porch chairs to armies of old radiators, but inside is a collection of some of the most opulent items than I have ever seen in one place.

... and the last space for today:
I think that I have mentioned that as a grad student, I am given a studio space on campus... which is awesome!
Considering that the majority of the admin buildings for the school are old houses that are now "on campus"... our studio space is not much different. Actually the building where our studios are was at one time a Nunnery (you know, where Nuns live). So some of my fellow grads have thins like sinks and closets in their spaces, not me unfortunately, but I do have a closet AND huge 2nd floor windows that get the best light in the building (in my opinion). PLUS its just got that charm of being an old building, rickety stairs, wood floors... AND a CREEPY basement!


C Shaver said...

Wish I had your eye cousin. It's amazing how the common speaks so loudly when captured by your lens.

kd-m said...

Beautiful! And I've been reading Poe all October after my trip to Philadelphia a few weeks ago... I love all of your "old & creepy" spaces!

lindsey said...

im loving ur latest photos and adventures! beautiful!! what a creative place to be! keep sharing, u r very inspiring!!