Oct 28, 2009


Last Saturday the annual Zombie Walk took over Carytown here in Richmond. So basically people dress up like Zombies, and walk the streets, in a parade of such, stopping only for red lights, and the promise of brains.

At the end of the parade... they gather... and this one gave me a finger?
I love this place.
The Circuit City Zombies were my favorite... conceptually speaking.

With finger in tow, K and I headed to the galaxy dinner and feasted on fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried mozzarella sticks, french fries and beer. We ARE a pillar of health.
The Galaxy Dinner. btw, they have a meal called the "knock me up scotty" that includes fried pickles and ranch, a hard boiled egg and a scoop of ice cream... can anyone explain this?


C Shaver said...

I think you found Waldo. Looks like after his fairly lucrative book deal went south he resorted to horror movies for income.

Anonymous said...

maybe the "Knock me up Scotty" is for the preggos with their sweet/salty cravings