Nov 11, 2009

light... and the way it falls upon things

I can not begin to describe my fascination with light, and to repeat myself, the way it falls upon things ESPECIALLY in low light situations. This is what speaks to my soul. I would say that overall, that is the thing that I aspire to capture in my photos. it makes me happy.

This weekend one of our drummers, tim, came to visit us here in Richmond and play a couple of shows. We also picked up a local bass player so we are officially ready to rock...
We had 2 shows in the Baltimore area (and as a side note, I have really come to like Baltimore). The show on fri night was at a place called The Golden West Cafe, sweet cafe by day, rock club by night, gotta love it!

On Sat we returned to Richmond in time to catch the tail end of the Brunswick Stew Festival, and then to watch our friends Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, and David Shultz and the Skyline at the Canal Club.

The Portland Cello Project opened the night. beautiful.

These were taken here in Richmond, at Havana '59 down in Shockoe Bottom.

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