Nov 20, 2009


Last weekend K and I went to a pow-wow. What a cool thing, I can't believe that I have never searched this out before. I think we stood there for 4 hours with our mouths wide open. The costumes, and the dancing and the singing, and the drums OH the drums. I still have the beat in my head, and it's been a week. Here is a little video I made of some of the dancing and with a recording Kyle caught on my iphone.

I was a little camera shy... but I did manage to get a couple good ones.

Ok, see the little boy on the left side? This image was taken during the singing/drum competition, and this little guy was competing along side these men. He watched the caller like a hawk to be sure he was singing the right thing, I have never seen anyone put as much heart and soul into singing. When they finished the song he did a little fist bump with all the men.

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C Shaver said...

Very cool! Growing up, since we lived so close to the reservation, we used to go to Mescalero every now and then to watch. I forget what they called it, something like "Dance of the Sun" or something like that. Anyway it was a really neat experience. I love the colors!