Nov 3, 2009

this town (hearts) halloween

check out this neighborhood that goes ALL out.... The creepiest one was the one with the little boy in the front door. It was a real boy and I don't know if he was instructed to stand there and look creepy OR if he was just waiting to go get some candy.
...surprise at the end of the post!


Elmer Goodloe said...

you're the best! i love halloween so much, and it's my mom's birthday. so it holds double duty as the most badass day of the year.

this neighborhood looks really neat.

and you guys are pretty sexy when you put your minds to it. ;)


C Shaver said...

considering growing a handlebar mustache or maybe curly locks.

paperlust said...

love looking at your pics of richmond! i am requesting more photos of awesome houses though...