Dec 23, 2009

final review

I finished my first semester of graduate school here at VCU a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe I already have a semester under my belt. Here is a peak at a couple of my final projects.

Documentation of the ideas I have been exploring this semester, given to my instructors.
This was an installation piece created for a class with Mr. Rob Carter, where we were asked to have 50 adventures, one each day for the first 50 days of the semester. We had to have an adventure with an insect, with a cloud, with a camera, with sound, with a pencil... and so on. At the end of the semester we were asked to present an archive in multi-modal form. This mobile of sorts suspended in my studio in front of a window, it spun on the bicycle wheel and I had a video camera looking up from the inside and displaying on the opposite wall, while a sound piece was playing constructed from sounds collected from my adventures.
This is an art book describing a narrative that Kyle wrote. That Kyle, so multi-tallented!

Have a wonderful holiday... see you next year!

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