Apr 8, 2008

Garden 001

This is the start of our garden. We have our little plants sprouting (as you can see), and our ground is tilled up and ready! Soon these little babies will go into the ground and, if the grackles don't eat them all within the hour of planting, we will have vegetables...eventually. We are also going to plant Mammoth Sunflowers against the wall...i'm super excited about that as well. The only thing is that...even though we carefully planted the little seeds and placed them in rows in the peat, and marked them so we would know what is what, our darling (devil) cat VAN PANTS removed the markers, so we have NO CLUE what is what! I guess we will have to wait to see what grows!

1 comment:

Sarah Holt said...

Dag-Nabbit VAN PANTS!
I am so jealous of your sweet little garden. I can't wait to see it grow!