Apr 10, 2008

jana, the DC & thao with the get down stay down

Just a little bit of the most awesome news since kyle and I relocated to, as what I have grown to love calling it, flat&windy TX, JANA has joined the DIAMOND CENTER as percussionist extroidonare! We played our first show with this lineup this past Sunday. I am extremely excited about it, I think that it came the closest to our vision of the sounds that the Diamond Center should create, since we have been here...PLUS it's just awesome to play music with my sister, and she is a natural. It was a great show and we got an overwhelming response, so yea. First flat&windy TX, next...the WORLD!
For Jana's first show we had the pleasure for opening up for THAO with the GET DOWN STAY DOWN...and I thought they were awesome. SO much energy and talent...and lots of hand clapping, and stomping, which are two of my favorite musical things to take part in. I am including a link to one of their songs, and I highly recommend checking them out! Plus, they are all just really cool people.

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Janet said...

You opened for Thao?!?!?!?! Thao is my new #1 favorite! I can't even believe this.