Apr 25, 2008

the palo duro experience

I have been completely slacking on my blogging recently, partly due to the fact that I had the mindset of "who the hell cares"! Well, you know what....I do, so im back, with full force, so prepare yourself! This last weekend Kyle and I went to Palo Duro Canyon to go camping with our friends Angela & Tim. Or occasion was the celebration of Angelas birth....and OH, what an occasion it was. Despite the fact that there was a burn ban, and no alcohol is permitted in the state park, we had an awesome time, and we did break one of those laws, (ill let you guess which one). Here are some of the shots of us on our "hike" and one of angela doing her "turkey love call", and one of her turkey lover. I am still editing the other images from the trip...I will post them later.

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