May 23, 2008

garden 002

We have had so much rain in Lubbock over the last couple of weeks and our garden LOVES it! It is amazing to me, you can almost see all the veggies grow. These images were just taken a couple of weeks ago and they have even shot up since then. The most amazing plant is definitely the Zennia, it's the one in the 3rd pic down. I am most proud of them because I planted them from seeds, and they literally grow while I have my back turned. There has been a couple of changes since the first garden post. I started seeding the plants a little too early and we could not get them in the ground in time, mostly due to the inclimate spring weather, so all those little seedlings from the first post, they died. I know, it's tragic BUT, we started new ones right in the garden! The beans, squash, and sunflowers started with us as seeds, and the peppers, onions, tomatoes, eggplant and broccoli we got as already seeded plants. I also have included a "before" shot of our patio. We are building a pergola, and its going to be awesome. Kyle is a little nervous about the process, but I know he will do a great job... pics to come, keep those fingers crossed!

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