May 23, 2008

the image is found

With my recent Re-interest in photography I have been checking out and searching out creative photographers and their blogs. Sarah Holt, my co-worker, and another great photographer, has been guiding me in the right direction. SIDE NOTE: Today is Sarah's last day here with me at Hartsfield Design...i'm gonna miss her, but I am excited about her new life down in the Hill Country. Sarah, you gotta tell Willie I said HI!)
Some of my favorite photographers that she has turned me onto is a Husband and Wife team, The Image is Found. They have some wonderfully creative and fun images. Check 'em out here. So this is something that I had seen them do, so I tried it myself. fun stuff.

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Sarah Holt said...

Sweet Brandi, I miss your company! I will see Willie this weekend at his 4th of July Picnic. So I will be sure to tell Willie hi for you.