Jun 16, 2008

New Bloods. Hornet leg.

There are at least two great thing about living in a musically isolated town; one-when there is music happening, people show up to watch it! Two- The Diamond Center is often asked to play, and we have the opportunity to share the bill with some really great bands. A couple of weeks ago I posted on our show with Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, (there is a really cool live studio performance of Thao and the guys HERE at opbmusic.org) and now we have had the opportunity to play with another Kill Rock Stars artist AND a K Records artist, New Bloods, and Hornet Leg, both from the Portland Oregon area. Hornet leg is a two piece that plays an awesome mix of garage/punk/soul, with an incredible energy. Chris, the singer/guitar player, plays a flying V, which is one of my axes too! Although he was not playing it thurs night, we still bonded over it. New Bloods blew my mind away. The band is comprised of osa, who plays violin & sings, adee, who plays drums & sings, and cassia, who plays bass & sings. They describe their music new wave/punk/roots music, and I guess that sums it up, all I would say is these ladies ROCK. The beats and harmonies are unmatched and incredibly interesting. I was instantly drawn in from their first note but though to myself, "alright, this is good, but it will get old. What all can you do with drums, bass and a violin" ...the answer is A LOT! If they come anywhere near you... go see them.



Our friend Marcus took some video of our performance from the night and we have posted a song over at youtube (click
HERE to see it). We will have a couple more up soon!

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