Jun 17, 2008

west texas sky

If and when I ever move away from west Texas, one thing I will truly miss, is the sky. Kyle and I journeyed to the DFW area this weekend for reasons 3 fold. One, fathers day, of course. Two, my roommate from college, Keri, celebrated her 30th b-day. Three, I got a new car, or bought my mom's, whatever (I already love it). Both going and coming home we saw some absolutely amazing sky. The first 7 images were taken on HWY 84 about 10 miles before the I20 merge. I was jumping all around the car trying to get every formation. I could never capture exactly the look and feeling, but I hope you can get the idea. We got nothing more than a couple of sprinkles on the car the entire way but you can see the downpour of places in the distance is several of these images. Outside of Guthrie on the way home we saw a HUGE rainbow, I can't remember the last time I have seen a rainbow so massive, we stopped the car to take that one. Kyle and I both saw an eagle head in the last image...ya see it?

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