Aug 19, 2008

adios sunflowers

Yes that's right, the sunflowers have seen their last day in the sun, but not before some of them got over 10 feet tall! I can not believe that they grew over 10 feet from little tiny seeds in less than 4 months. Next time (note to self) I will plant less of them and give them a little more space. We also had a crazy little harvest last weekend partly due to the fact that we have recently kind of abandoned the garden. We had some squash that were like babies arms, no kidding. Kyle was in the process of taking them to work to share with his work mates when he picked one of them up, and it EXPLODED, i'm serious. SO, not are they babies arms but, they are exploding babies arms! Oh yea, and p.s. the largest sunflower's head was bigger than my head (see below)


Sarah Holt said...

I like where you have your picture of the day. I may just copy. I like the photo as well. Is she bowling?

brandi p said...

YEA! bowling girl!