Aug 15, 2008

i need inspiration

I don't think that I am incredibly stale with my photos...YET, but I feel like it could be just around the corner. It may be the fact that I have not shot in over a week, or maybe its the complete lack of inspiration that I feel from this town. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of old and crusty things to take photos of (which is what I like the best), but somehow, I need more stimulation. We went to Austin last week and the only time that I busted my camera out was in the car, on the drive home...LAME. Kyle and I have been discussing taking a little road/exploration trip this weekend, hopefully it will be the needed remedy. Here is a couple more shots from my downtown Lubbock exploration from a couple of weeks ago.

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Janet said...

I love your photos, Brandi Price!