Aug 14, 2008


We had the pleasure of opening up for Thao and the Get Down Stay Down again when they came thru Lubbock at the beginning of august. They are really awesome to watch, they have such wonderful energy and you can tell they love what they do. They had driven 10 hours from Tuscon to Lubbock to play, but their energy was still thru the roof, they rocked it to say the least! They were so excited to see Jana play again and were ecstatic about how far she had come since her first show, which was with them in April. YEA! Jana does rock! and she perfectly completes or sound, and she rocks, did I say that. Here are a few pics from the night. For the one with me and the tambourine, Thao and the guys asked us to get up on stage and play with them...which was AWESOME, and I shook that tambourine so hard I have bruises on my hand the next day, no kidding!


Janet said...

1. I continue to be envious of you for the whole Thao connection.

2. You bought another mythical eagle necklace?!?!? Ha ha ha. I try to hide Jim's from him so he won't wear it every day as he did for a month or two.

brandi p said...

Janet... 1. I think that I am even envious of our whole thao connection. and 2. Yes, a new mythical eagle necklace, so mythical. and 2b. Im so glad it became a piece of sweet baby jim.