Aug 20, 2008

alcatraz and the indians

On frequent occasion I look back through my 4 GB of images taken while visiting San Francisco this summer. It never ceases to amaze me how much I am drawn to the images from Alcatraz. First of all the light is magical, although I don't know if magical is the correct word when referring to Alcatraz. Second, there is no denying the bounds of history that have taken place there, so there is the weight of the souls that have beaten its paths. Some of the history that I learned while visiting the island is of the American Indian occupation that occurred in the late 60s through 70s. I wanted to freshen my memory of the whole story, so of course I visited wikipedia, and they mentioned nothing, NOTHING of the Indian occupation. I have mentioned the story to several people and the ones born before 1960 usually can remember some part of the story while most in my generation have no clue. There is still evidence of the occupation on the island. You can see where there has been extra paint added and the shield now reads "free" and also when you land on the island on the side of the first building you see... which is now the bookstore it reads "indians welcome". If you care to find out about the history of the indians on the island click here. I highly recommend reading about it. 

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Sarah Holt said...

so much mystery, stories in the walls. Love how you captured the mixed human feelings that come with a places like this.