Aug 28, 2008

everyone loves the frog

Ok, so I love my little four legged friends, you can see that by how many times they appear on this blog. They make me laugh, and I love laughing. Cotton doesn't really care about his picture being taken, he usually gets out of my sight or ignores me. On the other hand the little dog, Van, LOVES his picture taken, and if he sees me getting my camera out, will do all he can to get in the shot. This is a perfect example. I was trying to get a shot of Cotton and his beloved frog, turns out the frog is just a prop for van to pose his wonderful self on.

Cotton... trying to ignore me.

1 comment:

Sarah Holt said...

LOVE IT! My pups make me so happy, too. I don't know what I would with myself all day if I didn't have my dogs to laugh at! Van is just gorgeous, but he knows that!

Love your photo of the day ALSO. A very flattering perspective of you.