Sep 5, 2008

design identity crisis

I'm a graphic designer, and I love graphic design BUT I just realized that I don't even have one post about anything design related on this here blog, what a loser I am. Well maybe I'm not a looser, just a total spaz that has problems balancing my addictions (photography, music, design) After purchasing my Nikon Digital SLR I was incredibly obsessed with everything photography, and while I still have a healthy obsession my attention has been shifted. I have been immersing myself in design related things recently, ideas, theory, crafts, handmade things, painters, illustrators, creators, thinkers, schools, you know the good stuff. I have been excitably overwhelmed. Here is something that I have stumbled upon, and become inspired by.

These pieces of work come from ATMOSTHEORY the one-man design studio of Christopher David Ryan... a Brooklyn-based graphic artist.

I have had some weird re-occurring themes developing in my mind about the relation of design and music (my other obsession) Recently 3 names keep popping up in random places. David Bryne (talking heads) Brian Eno, and David Bowie. There has to be some connection between them and where I should be focusing my creative thoughts. hmmmm.... any thoughts?

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