Oct 22, 2008

day 4-6 my eyes are going to explode!

WOWO... truly my eyes and head might explode from the pure landscape diversity that I have seen on this trip so far. So on Monday we drove out of Las Vegas by way of the Mojave Desert, and into L.A., arriving just as the sun goes down (this seems to be a trend with us). Our friend Marcus, who until 3 weeks ago worked with Kyle at the bronze foundry in Lubbock, and moved to LA to be a special effects artist, was to be our host for the evening. He and his friend from high school, Nate (who is a aspiring actor), live about a block off of Hollywood Bl. They were too much fun, and totally the odd couple, just two barely 21 year olds from the midwest trying to make it in Hollywood. Best of luck to both of them. I bet it won't take anytime and we will be seeing their names in lights. 
On Tuesday we did some driving around in the Hollywood Hills, and up into Laurel Canyon across Mulholland Dr., and down into the Beverly Hills/Bel Air area. It was incredibly beautiful, and the homes were, of course insane.
After some sight seeing we headed to our friend Kenny's house in Orange County, Fulton to be exact. He lives in a crazy awesome house that feels like you step back into the late 50s early 60s, and many of the rooms are either decorated with tiki chic or music memorabilia. Kenny and his girlfriend, Debonee treated us to a fantastic Cuban dinner in an area I believe they called Orange Circle. Both of them have the best stories and are great company, and after dinner we got a viewing of Kenny's guitar collection, exclusively Rickenbacker Guitars, and one very rare one called a "light show"... and it lights up! (see pics below) 
This morning, Wed, we woke up and got a private tour of the Rickenbacker Guitar Factory where Kenny works. All Rickenbacker Guitars are all had made right there in that building... and as of now there is a 2 year waiting period for a guitar. So amazing (see pics).
After lunch we headed south to Newport and spent some time walking up and down the beach. The weather is beautiful, and I must take a moment to gush about how it has been amazingly perfect this entire trip. It got a little chili when we were in Flagstaff, and today it got a little warm 90.... but how could we ask for anything more perfect. Tonight we have another night with Kenny, and then tomorrow off to Joshua Tree... more later!

mojave desert

Peggy Sue's 50s diner next to the Ghost TOWN of Calico, CA. Best grilled cheese and vanilla malt this side of the mojave desert.
Peggy Sue's motto:
Laurel Canyon, LA, CA
Outside Marcus's apt our first night in LA, sorry I forgot the arrows...

Orange County street

Our lodging area for last night and tonight
a small tasting of the tiki
Kenny and the light show... i was amazed.
At the Rickenbacker factory

Newport Beach

we saw a seal off the pier!

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