Oct 24, 2008

day 7- cabazon & salton sea

Thursday we left LA and started heading toward the east... kinda sad, the trip is coming to a close and we will no longer be driving into the west, BUT I believe this journey still holds many more treasures for us. Our first stop was at a road side park off of I-10, still in Cali., to check in with some pre-historic friends... weird, for sure. You might recognize these buddies from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
Next, we decided to take a little side trip to the Salton Sea. I knew of this area for 2 reasons-there is an ultra creepy movie staring Val Kilmer called the Salton Sea AND (more important to me) a documentary called The Plagues & Pleasures of the Salton Sea, that I saw when I was working at the Flicker Theater in Athens. I hope to in the future devote more time to describing this area and our time there, but my time is limited here, so I will show some of the images that we shot, and mention that it had the stinkiest most dank air that I have ever felt. It took a good 45 min for the dead and decaying smell of fish to flee from our nostrils. BUT, we were totally inspired and upon arriving in Pioneertown (pics to come), finished 2 songs that we had been working on and wrote a brand new one. Today we head out of the high desert and to Phoenix AZ to visit an old friend and his wife. More to come...

OMG!!!! we just found out that we have tickets to see Tina Turner in Phoenix tonight!!!!!

This cute little buddy is Ringo, he lives with Kenny and his roomie, Mike in Orange Co, CA.... mr friendly, just don't bend down to pet him... he gets VERY excited and you might find a wet spot on your shoe.

Dino pose.

Bombay Beach, Salton Sea

the reason it stinks...

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Janet said...

While in Panama, Jim & I learned that "cabazon" is what Panamanians call big ol' heads. (Jim and I both have cabazones--we couldn't find hats that fit us.)