Oct 10, 2008

the sound of the truth

I have made my first major music purchase, and I have to say that I am in LOVE. This past weekend the Diamond Center headed down to Austin TX to play a show, we were lucky enough to be able to arrive there early friday so we had ample time to check out all the guitar shops that we usually do not have time for. Austin Vintage on S. Lamar has to be a guitar players dream... so many amazing vintage guitars and amps and boutique effects, we saw guitars that I didn't know existed in real life, I thought they were nothing more than urban legends, but there they were in all their beauty. Kyle and I have been looking for an amp for me recently, casually, but when we saw this Fender Delxue Reverb, and at a price we wanted to pay, we turned from casual lookers to SERIOUS buyers. So now, I B.P., own the sound of the truth, my very own box that creates the most beautiful spring reverb sound, tremolo to make your heart break, tube amplifier. sweet. 

This weekend theDC heads down to Marfa, TX to play at a gallery opening at the yearly Chinati Art Festival, and we are SUPER PUMPPED! I have been to Marfa once before, last year, for the Chinati Fest, had an AWESOME time, and I saw Sonic Youth for free, so my expectations are very high. As often as possible we (the DC) like to include some kind of visual presentation into our performances.
For the past 3 evenings myself and K baby Hutchison have been creating paper-maché spheres, lots of them, and all sizes, and not to give anything away but hopefully the combination of varying sizes of white spheres, white clothing, white fact paint, over 20 white maracas to be given away to willing audience members, lights (of several different kinds) and glitter, not to mention the wonderful folk/psyc stylings of our trio, will be a good combination. Hmm, hopefully there will be pictures.

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Sarah Holt said...

You got to have someone take pictures of that !