Oct 13, 2008


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Diamond Center had the opportunity to play in Marfa TX this weekend in support of the Waypoint Gallery - Chinati Art Opening and some friends from Lubbock, Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery. The evening went over fantastically and our time in Marfa although short, was magical. Kyle and I were also asked to find the other bands for the evening and we asked our friends La Panza, from Lubbock, and Red Leaves, from Austin. They are both amazing and a perfect fit for the evening. The "white/sphere" concept went over great, and the audience shook their paper maché maracas the entire show. I was unable to get any images of us performing (obviously) BUT I did get some shots of the before and after. I have now realized that I do a HORRIBLE job of documenting anything when we are also playing a gig. Basically if I at anytime in the evening wear my guitar, my camera does not work. ha.
I wish I could have spent a little more time photographing in Marfa, but we were in and out within 24 hours. 
Side note: I need a tripod, its pretty obvious.
This shot is in between Ft.Davis and Marfa on the way down, just about sunset.
Setting up. Here you can see the Waypoint gallery and our friends nomadic gallery, what a great concept, and executed so well.
Inside the Waypoint.

Our spheres in the car, pre show.
...and after the show.

Kyle, the DC messiah, with his crunchy donuts the morning after.

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Sarah Holt said...

looks like it was an awesome show!