Oct 18, 2008

to the west... day 1

before we left lubbock there was a lot of laundry/cleaning to do. since we have not been home one weekend since the last week in august, clean laundry has turned into a luxury.

so... we left lubbock on Friday around 10:30, we wanted to leave earlier but be were both exhausted and decided to sleep in a bit...and hey we're on vacation.
We traveled from Lubbock to Flagstaff, Arizona today, a 10+ hour drive, the longest of our holiday, thank goodness. We saw so many awesome things between here and there and the landscape changed SO many times. I think we could have spent at least 2 weeks in the area we just passed and still not seen everything. We arrived in Flagstaff at around 7:30 Arizona time, we are staying at the Grand Canyon Hostel, which is the most lovely place in downtown Flagstaff (as you can see by the pictures). Today we have listened to Talking Heads, Paul McCartney, Peter Bjorn & John, REM, MGMT, the Smiths, Pretenders, Blitzen Trapper, The Rolling Stones, and a NPR show about poverty in the US. My only fear is that we will run out of music before the trip is over. ha. 
here are a selection of images from the day.

leaving texas
Clines Corner NM... I now hate this place
Freakin awesome gas station in gallop nm. with arrows shooting in the ground!
what it looks like driving into the west as the sun is setting to the west.
Geranamo, AZ
oGrand Canyon Hostel in the downtown of Flagstaff AZ

we just thought this was too funny... at the hostel the guy at the desk, who we totally knew was stoned gave us the internet password on this tiny little miniscule piece of paper, I still can't believe we didn't loose it before we got to the room.
tomorrow we explore a little more of Flagstaff in the light, then head for Zion... or Springdale Utah... but for now... sleep.

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