Nov 14, 2008

don't worry, my corneas are fine.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a specialist to see if my cornea had healed, well, a couple hours and 300+ dollars later, and my eye balls are all back to normal... no more bumps, and better yet, no more glasses! The whole ordeal seemed to be a huge waist of money until the doc showed me a infrared map of both of my eyes!

Dilated eyes, so weird! Eyes fascinate me! I must admit that when I was younger I used to sit in the sink, extremely close to the bathroom mirror, and turn the lights off, and then turn them on real fast to watch my iris open and close... repeat... repeat... repeat... Oh who am I kidding, I still do this.

Thank you K for picking me up and for taking me for coffee and exploring in the book store until I could see again, you are the best!

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Sarah Holt said...

Yeah for all better! Glad to hear to are happy and back in contacts again!