Nov 12, 2008

The Millennial Collection

Last Friday night K and I attended a gallery opening for the Millennial Collection at the LHUCA as part of Lubbock's Centennial Celebration. I was involved in the Millennial Collection Project when I was in college and between this project and my photography professor, Rick Dingus, I began creating a solid foundation for my love of documentary style photography. This specific collection was conceived as an open time capsule that is added to continually, it aims to serve as a catalyst for learning and communication within and between communities, and for me it did just this. (HERE is the link to the Millennial Collection site where you can find out more about it and check out all of the photos, student and professional) This project pushed me to explore outside of my daily route, to go places that I had never been and re-explore places that I had been many times. My examinations for this project took me first with my uncle, Kim, who worked for the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication project at the time, to the cotton fields of Littlefield TX, and then a Saturday motorcycle trip with my dad to the small towns around where I grew up, Glen Rose, Lipan, Tolar, etc. I still have a strong memory of every single place we captured, and the roads it took to get there.
The experiences of this class were amplified when upon finding myself in  critiques with my peers. It was then I also experienced their explorations and examinations, and lived thru their stories of traveling familiar and unfamiliar roads to capture something, anything, life, time, experience, doubt, neglect, opinion, age, youth, ANYTHING to document on film.

Here are some images from the collection... some mine, some others. btw... this class is also where I met Sarah, who, as I have mentioned many times before, I give credit to for getting me BACK into photography.... digital style! OH, and blogging too!

photo by yours truly

photo by Robert Mearsa b.p. original, again. My dad and I found this man selling his wares in Glen Rose, Tx

photo by the amazing Sarah Mitchell (now Sarah Holt)

photo by my friend Ruben Castillo

photo by Delilah Clark

... and a b.p. again. This barber shop is in my hometown of Granbury Tx. My dad has been a patron to this little place for 22 years! yup, this might just be where all his style comes from.

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