Nov 11, 2008

I almost forgot

When I purchased my camera last spring K inherited my point-and-shoot, our trip to the west was the first time he really got to use it, and although I think he felt a little intimidated by me and my monster, he got some images of some really cool landscapes that I totally missed. So here they are from you to enjoy, from K's photo archive of our trip.

Between Albuquerque and the Arizona border there were some of the craziest road side attractions. This one, Geronimo, had the "worlds largest piece of petrified wood" but no restroom.

If I remember right this is a span in New Mexico where for 2 hours you drive thru numerous indian reservations.

These next couple of shots are in between Flagstaff AZ and Springdale UT. 

HEY! there's a P out there!

The images starting with the one where I am driving are all in Zion National Park. The route we came into Springdale had us driving through the South East side of the park, it was a great introduction to the park. K got really excited about the 4 mile tunnel we drove that went directly thru one of the rock monoliths. The images stuck in there of the funny looking dinosaur is from another weird roadside attraction we stopped at on the way home. I am having major blogging issues and no longer have the patience at this moment to fix it.... anyway way to go K baby!

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Janet said...

Kyle's photos make me feel like I'm in a Barbara Kingsolver book.

I just got your email tonight! I'll write you soon.