Dec 17, 2008

even rock stars have parents

I was recently asked to photograph my bosses family for their christmas portrait. This was my first experience at taking pictures of people who WANT their picture taken, HA! I was a little nervous about the whole thing, and knew that it would be a challenge with so many people (Dad, Mom, and 4 girls!) On pure happenstance, photojojo, my FAVORITE by-weekly photo newsletter posted some inspiring ideas about capturing families just a couple of days before the shoot. My favorite family photos were taken by John Olson in the 1970's of rock stars with their parents. This image of David Crosby and his dad is probably my favorite, i'm almost positive it has something to do with the frequency The Byrds are played at our home. 

The whole set is really awesome. Click here to see the other images. The images of Grace Slick and Frank Zappa are priceless too!  I also discovered in this photojojo issue that LIFE magazine has posted their entire photo archive online! There are millions of photos stretching from the 1860's to today! click here to go to the archive.

So because of the pure brilliance of the wind in Lubbock (yes that is sarcasm), we were not able to go outside and explore with the family to get the kind of shots I wanted to get, but what I got was sufficient for the christmas card, and hey you gotta start somewhere! This was not an official photo, but I just thought it was too funny and captured the chaos that was going on before the shoot started.

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