Dec 18, 2008


On my drive to work this morning as I was flipping thru the channels of the Lubbock air waves, and found absolutely NOTHING that I wanted to listen to. I again became frustrated with the KTXT situation. I love music, I can not live without music, it is what pumps the blood thru my veins, who needs that muscle "they" refer to as the heart when you have good tunes. Of course I own good music and there are billions selections I could make between the CD's of K's music collection and our growing digital music library BUT that is not what I want to listen to while Im driving. I want to listen to KTXT. I love the spontaneous nature of the radio. I love not knowing what song is going to play next and what mood it will instantly catapult me in to. Whether they play my personal life mantra jam song OR a song that is so bad I wish was never created... who CARES... that IS the awesomeness of the radio and KTXT had that mastered. So here is my next story of the cold-blooded nature of the Student Media decision makers. Just like Kanye says, "how could you be so heartless?" side note: I am currently obsessed with Kanye.

THIS is Wombat, or as the media is referring to him "J. Wombat Porter" and this is his story of what happened on 12 10. 2008. (get out the kleenex, this is a heartbreaker):
Wombat is the station manager for KTXT and this man lives and breathes selflessly for KTXT. On that fateful day he had a meeting with the Student Media, a monthly scheduled meeting in which they were to discuss different matters that concerned the station. Wombat came to the meeting inspired with the love for KTXT and notes on how the station would continue to improve into the 2009 year. It was at that very instant that he was informed that the station would be taken off the air waves in 10 min.... 10 min! Wombat quickly jumped up and ran to the station, attempting to call some fellow DJs and staff on the way to inform them of the fate of the station. Wombat got to the station and was literally  3 steps away from the mic when the station was terminated.... permanently! No final farewell, no last song, no thank you for the last 47 years.... NOTHING! Heartless.

The story is getting some national press. Hopefully it will do some good. HERE is the link to find out what is going on as of now. I believe in the power of the people, maybe it will bring our station back.

side note: I like to pretend that Wombat is actually the red-headed illegitimate great-grandson of, the one and only, Buddy Holly. The resemblance is uncanny... don't you think? btw: this has nothing to do with the afore mentioned story... or does it.

side side note: this is my personal life mantra jam song for the moment

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